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Established in 1998

Wetland & Utility Expansion Solutions

Wetlands expansion and utility upgrades inevitably impact surrounding lands, communities, and environments. This is very true in western Colorado. BOUNDARIES UNLIMITED INC. has developed a solid working relationship with numerous environmental specialists, including the Army Corps of Engineers, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, and state engineers. Whether the project is water diversion, wetland displacement, or erosion control, our Glenwood Springs, team has a pathway to an agreeable solution for all parties involved.


Painted Pastures Project in Silt, Colorado
This project involved erosion and scouring control along Overo Drive. Our job was to enable offsite runoff to flow through the subdivision safely and establish impacted wetlands.

Saddle Ridge in Gypsum, Colorado
We relocated 4,200' of Alkali & McHatten Creeks. This generated 2.2 million cubic yards of fill material. That material was used for the Eagle County Airport Runway Extension, allowing for more efficient flights.

Creekside Estates in Rifle, Colorado
At Creekside Estates, we relocated and rehabilitated approximately 3/4 o f an acre of wetlands. These wetlands had been impacted by development, and are now thriving since their relocation.

Colborn Property in Rifle, Colorado
Here, we reshaped the 1,200 feet of creek banks along the Helmer Gulch. The result is a more attractive coastline and a more efficient, attractive property.